with Basil of Dance2Infinity
Workshops 2pm – 5pm

Redgrave Sports Centre
Great Marlow School, Wycombe Road, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 3JD


10th November 2018 - Intermediate Dance Progression with Basil & Marie
17th November 2018 - Bachata Fusion Development with Basil and Heidi
24th November 2018 - Afro Clave Jam & Classic Mambo (Power On2)with Basil and Melissa

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Saturday Workshops 2018


Our 3 hour Saturday afternoon workshops start on the 10th November and will be focused on taking your dancing to the next level in a focused dance development environment. These workshops are aimed at Intermediate level salsa dancers wanting to progress to an advanced level of dance (Intermediate Dance Progression), Improver and Intermediate Bachata dancers (Bachata Fusion Development) and Advanced salsa dancers wanting to add an extra dimension to their dance through Afro and clave based movements, Classic Mambo and Son.


Intermediate Dance Progression - 10th November 2018
2pm - 5pm
These workshops will be a unique opportunity to take your dancing to the next level. It is sometimes difficult to make the jump from an intermediate level to higher levels of dance. This workshop will focus on 4 core areas that are geared towards assisting with that transition:
- the development of good core technique (rotations, spins & turns, foundation footwork etc
- enhancement of leading and following skills
- application of core principles to core techniques (e.g. spotting technique, balance control etc)
- timing and application of movement to music


Bachata Fusion Development - 17th November 2018
2pm - 5pm - Improvers and Intermediates
Take the Traditional grace of Domincan Bachata, add the sensuality and rhythm of the sensual style, fuse it with the twists and turns of Modern Bachata, add some spicy Dominican footwork and you get an explosive combination that is fantastic to dance and wonderful to watch! Bachata Fusion is a style of dance incorporating a number of different elements. This workshop will focus on the following areas:
- Traditional Bachata
- Dominican Bachata
- Bachata Moderna - Sensual Bachata
- Other relevant areas of style


Afro Clave Jam & Classic Mambo (Power On2) - 24th November 2018
2pm - 5pm
This workshop is a unique creation and the first of it's kind in the UK. It is our belief that knowledge of the clave rhythm as it is applied to salsa, how to use it in your dance and how to connect to the associated rhythms is fundamentally important to achieve your dance potential. Clave translated means 'Key' and it is an understatement to say that this key is the heart of the music and should be the heart of how we feel the music and consequently how we dance. This workshop will focus on:
- Understanding of the Clave Rhythm
- Development of Afro Cuban Movement
- Footwork, Body Movement and Shines on Clave
- Understanding of Classic Mambo (Son, Power On2, Contra Tiempo)
- Cha Cha Cha Footwork and Shines

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For further information contact Basil on 07595 397184 or send us an email. 

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