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This is the start of a brilliant new era in dance development, something not anticipated but gladly embraced. Melissa and I have been working hard in a creative way to develop an online service that will provide a fantastic learning experience for dancers from improvers to advanced levels. We are committed to promoting a sense of community as well as providing live classes that are informative, interactive and fun.

Our online offering will allow you to develop all areas of your dance as well as give you the opportunity to discover new dances. This offering will cater for those with or without partners as we will provide solo work as well as an advanced partner based class for those able to work with a partner. Our schedule of classes will remain fluid and will develop organically depending upon demand and interest.

To book your classes please select the number of classes that you would like to do from the drop down box and then type the specific classes that you would like to do separated by a comma. If you would like to do all classes then select ‘All Classes’ from both drop down menu and type all classes in the text box.

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TUESDAY – 31st March 2020
Footwork & Shines
Spins & Rotations – Core Technique Development

7pm – 8pm (registration @ 6.45pm)
Shines and styling with Basil and Melissa
No partner required
Suitable for leaders and followers of all levels

8.30pm – 9.30pm (registration @8.15pm)
Axle spins and rotations
No partner required
Suitable for leaders and followers of all levels

We have two classes this evening. The first class is a footwork and shines based class for leaders and followers with fun and interesting shines and body movement. This class will be followed by a technique based class focusing on some of the core elements of salsa dance. This weeks focus is on spins and turns.

WEDNESDAY – 1st April 2020
Advanced Salsa Cross Body Lead Partnerwork

7pm – 8pm (registration @ 6.45pm)
Advanced Partnerwork
Partner preferred
Suitable for solid intermediate to advanced

If you have an existing partner then these classes will be ideal for you. Even without a partner you may still get something from these classes. These classes are suitable for those dancing at an advance level.

THURSDAY – 2nd April 2020
Clave and Musicality

7pm – 8pm (registration @ 6.45pm)
Dancing on Clave
No partner required
Suitable for all levels

Thursday is an exciting time to explore different aspects of the Salsa/Latin dance world. For the next few weeks the focus will be on ‘Dancing on Clave’ but we will also explore other areas including, dancing on 2 (classic mambo style), Cha Cha Cha, Pachanga etc. This weeks focus in dancing on Clave.


Below are some of the areas that will feature in our online offering (please check our online class schedule for full details as the list below is not exhaustive and is a guide only):

  • Weekly partnerwork classes, footwork and styling
  • Core technique and principles of dance development
  • Rotations (spins and pivot drills)
  • Musical awareness and structure
  • Dancing on Clave
  • Introduction to Classic Mambo On2 (Contra Tiempo)
  • Cha Cha Cha
  • Pachanga
  • Musicality for dancers


We wish you all the best in these difficult times and look forward to working with you online and building a great community.


Many thanks

Basil and Melissa

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