(THURSDAYS) BIRD HILLS GOLF CLUB (Next Course 20th September 2018)

Kizomba classes can be booked as a course or attended as a drop in (courses attract a discount). Scroll down to book your course.

Our absolute beginners Kizomba courses are perfect for those with no previous dance experience or for those who want to brush up on their beginners Kizomba technique. Our kizomba classes are based on a structured syllabus built around a well researched program. The courses are designed to take a student from Beginners Level 1 to more advanced Levels. Courses are taught and delivered to a very high standard with a major emphasis on fun, development and exercise. The Dance2Kizomba BEGINNERS Course is structured to provide a solid technical grounding. All you need for this course is a little enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Next Course Enrollment Dates
20th September 2018 @ 7.30pm
Bird Hills Golf Club, Maidenhead, SL6 3ST

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What is Kizomba?
Kizomba is a partner dance native to the African country of Angola, with influences from other Lusofone countries. It was first known as “Passada” (meaning “stepping” – a reference to the movement flow) and for having a sensuous rhythm. Although the exact origins are unknown, it is considered to be a fusion of Semba (a traditional Angolan dance and predecessor of samba) with ‘Zouk’ influences coming from the French Caribbean Islands. In the 80’s groups like Kassav or Zouk Machine infused a fast paced and more African influenced sound into the music. In recent times the style has become slightly slower and more romantic and the influence of other dance styles like Tango are clearly visible.

All of our 6 week kizomba courses are in high demand and as a consequence, places are limited and offered on a first paid basis. Please note that once you have paid for a 6 week course, we are unable to offer refunds should you find the course unsuitable. Finally, please ensure that you are in good physical health, as all classes involve a degree of movement and physical activity.

Future Course Start Dates 2018:
1st November 2018

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