Salsa Dance Classes – Covid Entry Policy

One of the main areas of concern and consideration for dancers and promoters alike is what steps should be taken to protect promoters, dancers, artists and other connected personnel from possible exposure to infection from Covid-19. This is a hugely difficult and emotive subject and one that has been discussed and debated ad-infinitum. Some of the things that have been discussed include:

– the effectiveness of being double vaccinated

– the effectiveness of lateral flow tests

– should temperature checks be carried out at the point of entry

– track and trace

– the level of infection in the population (currently believed to be around 1 in 80 people)


It is my view that none of the above can guarantee that events will or can remain free of people who have Covid – yes steps can be taken by individuals and organisations to reduce the risk but it is impossible for that risk to be completely eliminated. It does not seem to matter what measures a promoter puts or does not put into place – the risks remain the same. It is an incredibly difficult task to balance all of the competing interests and viewpoints and I have nothing but admiration for all of the efforts made by all promoters who are trying their best in very difficult circumstances. Despite all of the above I do believe in personal responsibility and to that end I would ask that people do the following.

Please ensure that before attending any of our events:
– You have not been instructed to quarantine or self-isolate by Track & Trace

– You do not have any symptoms of Covid-19: (symptoms change so please ensure that you have the latest information) in the past 10 days, or have consequently tested negative

– We request that everybody is double vaccinated OR tests negative with a free rapid lateral flow test before attending our events 

NB: All of the above is a matter of personal choice and it is not our intention to act as enforcement officers on behalf of the government and as a consequence we will not carry out checks on the door.



The above is based on trust and your cooperation. We are not able to guarantee that taking the above steps will lead to a covid free environment so please understand if you attend any of our dance events (or any other kind of event) there is a risk that someone may have covid. All we can do is ask you to comply with the above, help us to mitigate the risk of infecting others and ensure your own personal safety. 



– Sanitiser stations will be provided at key points throughout the venue

– Partner swapping is now possible, but still optional. If you’d like to come & stick with one partner please let the teacher know just before class starts.

– If you feel that you would still like to wear a mask then you are welcome to do so (please note this is totally optional)

– In social dancing please respect other people’s varied decisions to mix, or not to mix.

If you would like more information about Covid, stats, facts, figures or advice then please visit –


Basil Pinnock – Dance2Salsa Dance Company

5th September 2021

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